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Smashing tyres, legally.

Kevin Davis On April - 28 - 2015

It was a cracker of a day and we saw some killer skids, we even had a couple of small fires to start the year off.  The show ran smoothly all night and, for the first time in a while, we finished just before the curfew of 10pm.  Thank you to everyone who travelled from Townsville and the Tablelands, and everywhere in between.  Thank you also to the local boys who come out each and every comp.

Tony Anderson (Ando) took home the Scotty Joseph Memorial Trophy for best skid of the night in his methanol drinking animal of a 250ci Ford ute!!  This year we saw Ross Pumpa’s daughter, Cassidy, hit the pad and have her first crack at a burnout comp, and wow did she put on a show for the crowd.  Give her a few more comps and she’ll be giving the boys a run for their money.  Cassidy took home the ladies class trophy over Tina in her Ford powered Clevo.

Thank you to all of the sponsors for supporting Cairns Burnouts.  To all the event staff, I’ve said it before and i’ll say again, the show wouldn’t happened without you guys and girls so thank you again.  Thank you also to the Speedway staff.  Everyone worked as a team which is always great to see.

I’ll upload some pictures, as soon as I get them, for all to see.

Here are the results of the final rounds only:

Ladies class

L03 – Cassidy Pumpa (90 points)

L01 – Tina (80 points)

6 cylinder class

608 – Tony Anderson (121 points)

604 – Andy Wilson (104 points)

605 – Owen Duffy (92 points)

603 – Joshua Phillips (80 points)

8 cylinder class

804 – Gary Orrell (133 points)

805 – Kev Tier (118 points)

801 – Pete Mc Nicol (105 points)

Open class

007 – Shane Mackey (132 points)

003 – Colin Wolfe (118 points)

006 – Andre Cuthbertson (111 points)

002 – Casey Tolcher (DNF – tranny fire)

Thank you to everyone for coming out and we will see you all again on Saturday, 30 May 2015.

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